In order to deliver more meaningful engagement across various social media channels, Titleist needed to identify a partner and platform that would help facilitate ongoing conversations and develop more personal relationships with a targeted audience of avid golfers and brand fans.

Titleist tapped Sprout Social to help build upon an organic following of loyalists, publish focused content, create a two-way social conversation with customers and turn social findings into actionable insights.


  • Right Platform, Right Features

    Titleist searched for a platform that emphasized both high-value engagement and aggregation tools that could augment and streamline its social media efforts.

  • Enhanced Engagement

    Titleist wanted to build stronger connections with its fans and needed a tool to aggregate relevant social conversations to help fuel more fan interaction.

  • Advanced Reporting

    The interactive team at Titleist wanted to develop a clearer picture around social analytics to provide a real-time view of campaign momentum and help shape strategic decisions.

Strategy and Implementation

  • Extend Discussions

    Further develop fan loyalty and create deeper audience engagement across social channels while increasing awareness for Team Titleist – the brand’s existing group of loyal advocates.

  • Focus Social Outreach

    Target a specific audience of Titleist brand fans and avid golfers to cultivate a base of highly engaged and interested followers.

  • Organically Join Conversations

    Become part of the social sports conversation by using Sprout to monitor existing discussions among golfers and join in with authentic, meaningful content.

  • Plan Content

    Develop social content calendars by listening to social media discussions and determining what stories and subjects will be well-received by the community.

  • Scalable Reporting

    Obtain analytics that can be used both day to day and during high-profile meetings and presentations.


In addition to the significant growth of unique interactions, visitors and impressions, the team benefited from the following:

  • Increased engagement drove organic growth across all key social channels.
  • Social analytics added insight and surfaced the most engaging content.
  • Data-driven strategy ensured development and delivery of the most relevant content.
  • Streamlined platform usage created opportunities to consistently connect with brand fans.
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