About HangarFour

HangarFour is the creative arm of New York City-based public relations firm, DKC. With satellite offices in Los Angeles, Washington DC, Chicago, San Francisco, and Miami, the firm boasts dozens of enterprise clients across multiple verticals, including Airbnb, Delta Airlines, Forbes, HBO, New Balance, and Netflix. The DKC team has been providing creative and innovative PR and marketing services for over 25 years.

The Challenge

HangarFour is constantly looking for ways to expand their client partnerships. Expanded partnerships lead to more revenue and retention, but when you are already well-established with a client, it can be challenging to find new ways to scalably present incremental value.

“We were working on the marketing and PR for a series of major events (BeautyCon) for one of our largest clients. As I watched people pass by the client’s booth at BeautyCon in New York, it hit me—nobody was capturing the social conversation of the passersby.” 

— Dixie Roberts, VP of Digital at HangarFour

Dixie had identified an opportunity to present a new and valuable service to the client, but as is always the case at agencies, time and resources were in short supply. “I knew a listening tool would do the job, but capturing and presenting the social conversation would take time,” said Dixie. “This was just an idea, not something we could bill the client for (yet), so I knew I’d need a tool that could we could set up and learn quickly and easily. We needed to wow them without having to learn a fancy query language or wait for a vendor to build queries for us.”

The Solution

At the next BeautyCon event in LA, Dixie and her team used Simply Measured Listening to quickly create queries related to their client’s presence at the event. Dixie then compiled the data visualizations and influencer insights from the Simply Measured Listening dashboard and presented them to the client as a part of a summary of the event’s success.


“The client was blown away; we were able to show them how our efforts on the ground at the event were leading to a much larger conversation on social. They were especially interested in the micro-influencers we identified using the ‘People’ tab in Simply Measured Listening because they are constantly looking for up-and-coming influencers who are already giving their brand love organically.” -Dixie Roberts, VP of Digital at HangarFour

Dixie’s deliverable to the client was comprised of total volume trends during the event, a list of emerging micro-influencers who were most active, and the content being shared most, especially by the micro-influencers. She also included a word cloud showing the top words, hashtags, and emoticons from the event. Lastly, she added a screenshot of the Simply Measured Listening dashboard to give the client a taste of the additional data she had access to, should they choose to add the social conversation insights service in future projects.

The Result

Thanks to Dixie’s presentation, the client decided to add the social conversation insights service to their agreement for future projects, strengthening and expanding the client relationship. With Simply Measured Listening, Dixie and her team are now equipped to efficiently set up queries, extract insights, and present them to the client in a meaningful way.

"Simply Measured Listening is more flexible, has a quicker turnaround, and presents the data in a way that lets my team find insights quickly, so that our clients can easily understand the story we are telling." - Dixie Roberts, VP of Digital, HangarFour