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Tap into the power of shopping influencers to boost your brand’s visibility and sales. Discover how collaborating with shopping influencers can drive engagement and growth in today’s digital marketplace.

Sprout Social Product Image of Listening Performance Sentiment Summary
Sprout Social Product Image of Listening Performance Sentiment Summary

Shopping influencer data to fuel your campaigns

In the competitive world of retail, shopping influencers have emerged as essential partners for brands looking to increase their reach and drive sales. These influencers, known for their ability to showcase products in authentic and engaging ways, provide a direct line to consumers who trust their recommendations. From product reviews and unboxings to shopping hauls and discount alerts, shopping influencers create content that resonates with their followers, turning viewers into buyers. By partnering with shopping influencers, brands can leverage their credibility and influence to highlight new products, promote sales, and build lasting customer relationships.

Elevate your brand’s retail strategy by collaborating with top shopping influencers. Contact Sprout Social today to learn how our influencer marketing platform can connect you with influential shopping personalities, enhance your brand’s visibility and drive sales. Schedule a demo and start your journey towards impactful influencer partnerships.

How many shopping influencers are there?

Shopping Influencers: Total active profiles per month

Shown as the total number of unique Profiles that posted at least once.

How many people do shopping influencers reach?

Shopping Influencers: Average monthly post impressions

Total audience size is defined as the sum of impressions from posts where impressions is the number of times the audience has viewed the post.

How many times a month do shopping influencers post on social?

Shopping Influencers: Total social posts per month

Total social posts is the total number of posts from all Creators in the specified industry.

How much do shopping influencers charge per post?

Shopping Influencers: Average fee per sponsored post

Estimated fee is a projected compensation for each post calculated based on the media type, platform and the audience size of the influencer profile.

How valuable are shopping influencers posts for brands?

Shopping Influencers: Average value of a post for brands

EMV (Earned Media Value) is an estimated monetary value of each influencer post based on its metrics or the audience size of the Creator.

How much engagement do posts from shopping influencers drive?

Shopping Influencers: Average post engagement rate

Engagement rate is the percentage of an audience that has engaged with each influencer post by liking, commenting or sharing.

About the data

This data is pulled from Tagger by Sprout Social and reflects global data and trends over the last 13 months. For additional questions about the data, pleasecontact the Sprout team.

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