YouTube Brand Account

Not just a video site, but also one of the most successful search engines in the world, YouTube is a valuable place for marketers. 

As video marketing grows increasingly popular as a way to engage with customers, YouTube’s presence has grown in the business space. Today, companies can go beyond the standard “personal” account on YouTube to access the benefits of a branded account.

The YouTube Brand Account gives your company a unique presence online, separated from your personal profile. Though a YouTube Brand Account is a separate entity, it’s available to access and manage through your personal channel.

How to create a YouTube Brand Account

To create a YouTube Brand Account, you’ll first need a Google profile. Go to the Google Account Setup page and enter your name, email address and a password. You’ll also be asked to provide additional details like a mobile phone number, your country of origin, gender and birth date. Once you agree to the terms of service and click Next, Google will confirm your new account.

To create your YouTube Brand Account, go to YouTube and log in using your new Google credentials.

Adding details to your YouTube Brand Account

With your YouTube Brand Account established, you’ll need to optimize your account, just like with any other social media channel. There are many different components to consider on a YouTube account, but some of the most important are:

Benefits of a YouTube Brand Channel 

Most social media channels now offer a “Business” option for organizations that need to go beyond the features of a personal account. YouTube is no exception. With a dedicated brand channel on YouTube, brands will:

YouTube even provides the option to add extra managers to your Brand Account. This means that you can allow multiple people in your team to create content for your brand. Business leaders can even add forward-thinking employee advocates to their YouTube brand channel team and enable them to post behind-the-scenes content.