Increase Social Media ROI by Focusing on Purchase DecisionThis Case Study from Guest Poster Mike CJ shows how a local carpenter used Twitter keyword searches to engage and land clients at critical points in their purchase decision.

Even a carpenter in Lanzarote uses Twitter for Business

Raiko is a carpenter on the tiny island of Lanzarote. He’s good, and he can do pretty much anything with wood, but he really loves building pergolas – a gazebo type structure very popular in this part of the world. He can do them quickly and beautifully and he makes good money now that he has the design and planning stages nailed.

He discovered Twitter a year ago, and has a lot of fun with it. As his local followers grew, he figured there was an opportunity to get some pergola building business via Twitter. He was familiar with using social media CRM tools to see what people were saying about ‘Spain’ during the World Cup, so he used this knowledge to set up a simple keyword search for his business.

All he had to do now was sit back and wait for his keyword search to capture all those potential clients…

Tweet Tweet

Nothing happened for a week.

Then he spotted a tweet that matched his keyword search. Someone tweeted that they were expecting a quote for a new pergola. Excited, Raiko replied that he would really love to quote as well, and over a few tweets and emails they arranged an appointment.

He didn’t get the business – he lost out to the guy who had the original meeting booked.

It was at this point that Raiko spoke to me. “Twitter is good fun, but for my business? No! My field is too narrow, so there is hardly anyone tweeting about it, and even when I find someone, I don’t get the business.”

Targeting your customers at the right time

I asked Raiko to tell me what he had set up as a search. The answer was “Pergola Lanzarote.”

That was the problem. Not only was the search too detailed, but by using those words, he was only ever going to start talking to people at the point they had already made a decision about a pergola.

I explained he needed to broaden the search terms, and try to start to talk to people before they’d even thought about a pergola. I asked him to tell me what else people who were thinking about pergolas would be considering.

He answered: “Garden landscaping, outdoor eating space, shade, keeping the rain out…”

So we set up several searches, using those terms, and immediately Raiko started talking to people who wanted help and advice about landscaping. In some cases, he invested time and effort and got very little from it. But in others, after helping out, people came back to him having seen the link to his site on the bio page, and he ended up quoting for a pergola, and more importantly, getting the business – probably due to the fact that he already had a relationship with them.

Capitalize on Purchase Motivators

And then it rained! When it rains here, it really rains. But because it’s so rare, the houses are just not set up to deal with it.

We all have huge patio doors, which leak like sieves when the rain drives in. On the day of the big rain, Raiko was on hand on Twitter, giving out advice and help to all the people using the words “Lanzarote rain.”

During a long day, he worked hard on Twitter, and once the rain had stopped, he created a simple page on his website explaining how a pergola can prevent rain ingress. Then he tweeted out links to that page over a few hours.

That was in November. He’s booked out with pergolas until April…