Facebook has quietly released new insight and data points for Facebook Page admins, which aims to make the information easier to interpret.

Facebook Insights is an analytics tool that provides developers and Facebook Page admins with metrics around content. The service, which is provided through Facebook, is a powerful tool for tracking the growth of your brand.

The update puts more focus on how users are interacting with your Page and the total reach of your content. Page admins can now track People Talking About This, which shows the number of unique people that have created content about your Page on Facebook in the past week.

Facebook also introduced True Reach – the total number of people that have seen your message – and Virality, which measures how likely a person is to share something about your posts with friends. These two new metrics in particular are great ways to determine the type of posts your audience responds to the most.

In addition to new metrics, Facebook has also updated Insights’ layout. Now the insights are at the top of the Page and include metrics that go into detail on the location, gender, and other demographics about the users that are interacting with your Page.

This update only affects admin areas and won’t change the actual layout of your Facebook Page. Admins can learn more about the new update with the five-step tour, which loads when you first visit your Page.

[Via: The Next Web, Image credit: Juan Fotografia Compacta]