It’s Facebook Friday — each week we’ll offer one tip for leveraging Facebook to increase customer awareness of and engagement with your brand or business. This week we’ll explain Facebook’s new Insights metrics for Pages — what they are, and how you can view and use them.

Earlier this week, Facebook introduced a number of new data points to Facebook Insights, the tool the company offers for tracking engagement and other metrics on your business or brand’s Page. Those metrics include “People Talking About This,” “Weekly Total Reach,” and “Virality.”

These new metrics aren’t available to every one yet, but they’re being rolled out slowly and eventually all Pages will have access.

  • People Talking About This is the number of individuals who have posted updates, links, or other content related to to your Page in the past week. So any time someone references your Page in a status update, re-shares a link that you shared on your Page, or something else like that that exposes you to their friends, this number goes up. Keep in mind that it tracks unique individuals, not the total number of references. That means that the number goes up when an individual references you, but not when he or she does it again in the same week.
  • Weekly Total Reach tracks how many people have been exposed to the updates shared by the people tracked by “People Talking About This.” In other words, while you might normally track the number of people your individual messages reach from your Page, this tracks the number of people messages about your Page reach, whether you published them or not. It’s a more complete picture of how many people are being exposed to your brand on Facebook.
  • Virality tracks the likelihood that people will share your content when it’s posted, based on past activity.

The new Facebook Insights design also lets you more easily access information like the demographics of the people you’re impacting, and even figure out what the trends in your performance have been over a long period of time.

To access all of this, just log in as your Facebook Page (by clicking the drop-down button in the top-right corner of Facebook if you’re logged in as your personal profile, then selecting “Use Facebook as Page”) then click the Facebook logo at the top of the site. That will direct you to your Page’s News Feed; generally, Insights is one of the applications listed in the panel to the left of the News Feed, with a purple icon.

Was this tip helpful? Do you have any more ideas for using Facebook Insights to track the progress of a business or brand? Let us know in the comments!