Why Your Business Needs to be on TwitterThere’s a quote in the bible that advises ‘when you pray, pray in silence’. Good advice for prayer but no so much for praise.

We now live in a socially connected world. People are really interested in what others have to say. The flip side is that the people who have something to say also want to be seen and heard. In other words, when someone sings your praises online, they want you and the world to know about it.

So, if your business is not yet using Twitter you are missing a golden opportunity not only to hear what your customers are saying but also to publicly acknowledge and build on that goodwill to promote your brand.

Why your Business Needs to be on Twitter

I give praise to businesses all the time. Do I call the 1 -800 number on the back of a product? No. Do I write a letter to the company? No.

Here’s what I, and millions of other people, do on a daily basis:

We search for the company on Twitter. If the company has a Twitter account we sing our praises to the company – being sure to include its Twitter handle in our tweet so that the company knows we are tweeting about them. That way, I know that in addition to my thousands of followers, the company itself is getting the message.

And if the company is not on Twitter? Well I pick another company that is on Twitter and tweet my praises to them instead.

And that’s the sweet spot of using Twitter for business. We now have the power to communicate directly with our favorite brands. And brands should be paying attention to all the attention that’s being paid to them – or sooner or later the praise will simply stop coming.

Acknowledge the Attention your Brand Receives

Publicly acknowledging praise from your customers provides a golden opportunity for you to show the world that you are listening to your customers. And it also provides an opportunity to reward those who praise you – either with incentives to continue to buy your products or simply to acknowledge them as having enough online influence to get your attention in the first place.

Old Spice capitalized on this tactic very effectively in their famous ‘Smell Like a Man’ YouTube video series. They selected certain tweets from people singing their praises and created real time video responses mentioning those people specifically in the video.



Don’t worry, you needn’t disrobe or provide sexual innuendo in order to acknowledge your fans. Simply mentioning, and publicly replying to people who sing your praises online is often enough to keep them loyal to your brand.

Acknowledging your ardent supporters is a win-win proposition. It provides tangible proof that you are listening to your customers. It rewards your customers by validating their online influence and it gets your name out in the public social media space (which is gold for name recognition, SEO and community building around your brand).

So, if you’re not using Twitter for business yet, get an account, start tweeting and acknowledge your fans today!

What do you say?

Is your business on Twitter? Have you responded directly to praise from your fans? Let us know by leaving a comment below and you could be featured on the next Fan Friday!