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Every Tuesday we’ll focus on just one (1) Twitter Tip and show you how to integrate it into your social media strategy.

Today’s Twitter Tip Tuesday: Comment on a Blog Post Before Tweeting a Link

There’s a passage in the Bible that says “When you pray, pray in private” and I have great respect for that advice. However, Twitter operates best on the principle “When you tweet, tweet in public“.

People are on Twitter because it is a public way to see and be seen. In fact, we’ve talked about this very thing in posts like Follow Then Follow Up and How to Become a Community Supporter. In both cases, the emphasis is to let others know about you at the same time that you’re promoting others.

As long as this is done organically no one will fault you for ‘doing your social media thing’ in public.

So, here’s a neat trick to reputably promote yourself while promoting others.

Comment First, Then Tweet

Tweeting out links to informative blog posts is one of the best uses of Twitter. You’re not only providing useful information to your followers – you’re also promoting the work of others in the process. This is Twitter altruism at its best.

But one simple twist on this familiar Twitter task will also provide you an organic and completely legitimate way to promote yourself in the process, namely:

Before you tweet a link to a blog post, comment on the blog post first.

For example, I came across a great blog post from my friend @DannyBrown entitled ‘Because You Matter’. As is the case with Danny’s posts, it contained great advice. It also warranted a comment, since its a topic we’ve dealt with many times and in numerous ways here at Sprout Social Insights.

But before I tweeted a link to the post, I offered a comment on the post which confirmed my agreement with Danny’s point of view.
Comment on a blog post before tweeting a link

This was not an exercise in comment spam but rather a legitimate comment that hopefully added some value to Danny’s post and to anyone who continued on to read the comments at the bottom.

Once I’d confirmed that the comment had been posted I then tweeted a link to the post:
Comment on blog posts before tweeting a link

Why Go Through all this Trouble?

Firstly, it’s just good form to comment on other’s blogs – assuming you have something of value to add to the discussion.

Secondly, you are promoting the blogger’s post by tweeting a link to your followers. But you are also providing additional value to your followers because anyone who links to the post will see that you’ve not only vetted the post by reading it (please don’t ever tweet posts you haven’t read!) but you’ve also added value by commenting on it as well.

And now, a Test…

So, if you liked this post, why don’t you give it a try in practice? Add value to this post by leaving a pertinent comment below and then tweet it out to your followers. Not only will we get the benefit of your tweet and your comment, so will all of your followers!

We’ll even up the ante to prove the merits of this post. For all of you who leave a comment AND tweet out a link to this post, we’ll feature you in next week’s Fan Friday post.

Now that’s what we call a ‘win-win-win’ situation!

*UPDATE: The test is now complete and you guys answered the call in spades! Thanks ►