This week Tumblr announced the return of an old activity feature and introduced a new way to view notes — two updates that can help you monitor visitor engagement.

First up is the blogging platform’s new Activity page, which provides you with basic analytics for your account. This is similar to Tumblr’s original feature, called Tumblarity, which launched in 2009 and was discontinued about six months later.

Both a personal and global stats page, Tumblarity revealed activity related to a specific blog as well as which blogs were most popular across the network. The new Activity page does away with the popularity features and lets you graph the latest activity on just your page — this includes viewing your top fans and post as well as all of your recent notifications.


Tumblr also added a new way to see notes that’s faster and highlights likes, reblogs, and replies on each of your posts. The updated view now includes infinite scrolling, significantly improving the experience of browsing through all of your readers’ actions.

For brands wanting a more robust Tumblr metric breakdown, Union Metrics — a member of Tumblr’s ‘A-List Partnership Program’ — has introduced new lower-cost tiers for its analytics service. The Basic plans now starts at $199 compared to its launch price tag of $499. There’s also a free and Mini plan available for small businesses and personal brands.

[Via: Mashable, Image credit: Romaine Toomier]