A Game of Twister
Sprout Social is a cute nephew/niece of Groupon, sharing a common investor lineage. Despite the start-up hip-points the big G has, our engineering team has turned many a head while grabbing coffee in the break rooms of 600 W Chicago Ave. (yes, we don’t have our own machine yet). All it takes are phrases like “opcode caching”, “hiphop PHP optimization”, “HTML5 local storage”, “mustache templating” and “replication trees”.

Sounds borderline hipster?

Not quite.

Groupon: “What the hell are you talking about?”

Us: “Oh, we actually don’t work here.”

Situation: [weird]

We played with a lot of random technology as kids, back to DOS 2.1; we’re not that old, we were just retro kids. Amortize this across 12 engineers and you still can’t build the perfect solution for today’s world. We have a lot to pull from, but the industry couldn’t have given us a palette that’s more chaotic and more like a giant Ouija game:

  • Social media
  • Browser evolution into a premier app platform (speed, html5, css3)
  • Cloud infrastructure, services and SaaS
  • Mobile and tablets
  • “Web scale” data: affordable parallel computing and simple patterns (Map Reduce), noSQL, scaling relational for high reads, writes and storage simultaneously
  • Apple altering consumer expectations
  • The list goes on..

Predicting where all of this will go is Nostradamus territory and we don’t want to step on old media’s expertise in dramatization. Sprout Social is straddling it all and adding our own momentum to the game. As we build and learn with our users, we will have plenty to share, especially as engineers. Stay tuned. This will be fun.

– Aaron  (@AaronRankin)