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5 Overlooked LinkedIn Tools for Higher Ed

LinkedIn has quickly evolved from being a social network for job seekers and recruiters to an expansive platform assisting professionals with every step in their careers, making it an ideal destination for universities as well. It…

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6 Tips & Tactics for Social Selling

Social media isn’t just about being social anymore—it’s also about selling. The sales cycle is different for every business but there’s one obvious place social media can help and that’s in finding new leads and…

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The 75 Most Important Social Media Acronyms

Acronyms are a natural fit for social media networks. These platforms are based on short and snappy communication, so it makes sense for people to rely on abbreviations, especially for common phrases. But understanding shorthand…

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How to Use LinkedIn for Business

Relationships matter more than ever, as today’s professionals seek out ideas and insights from the people and brands they trust. As such, they devote a lot of time to reading news and keeping in touch…

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How Avid Technology Got to Be 365 Times More Engaging on LinkedIn

With more than 364 million users, LinkedIn has become a publishing platform of unprecedented magnitude for B2B communication. But with so many professionals—from HR head hunters to industry thought leaders—clamoring for attention, how do you ensure your message breaks through to…

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Meet Team Sprout: James, Web Team Manager

As a member of Sprout Social’s talent team, I hear one question all the time: “What’s the best part of working at Sprout?” My colleagues say they can tell when someone has asked this question over…

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Mastering LinkedIn Sales, From Top to Bottom

In the last decade, the sales cycle has become increasingly complex for B2B marketers. Prospects are spending more time online today as traditional B2B marketing channels, such as direct mail and industry magazines, become old…

How Hinge Marketing Gets Its Employees to Share Company Content on LinkedIn
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Here’s What an Employee Ambassador Program Looks Like on LinkedIn

Businesses are becoming more social, and by that we don’t mean that they’re tweeting more frequently or utilizing additional platforms. Today, companies are taking social media deeper into their organizations, integrating with more than just…


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