5 Ways to Make your Facebook Page More EffectiveSo your business has a Facebook Page. Fantastic! But is it working for you?

Since social media is so accessible for the average business owner, it’s also quite common for the average Facebook Page to be just that, average.

Forget average! Get Effective!

10 Tips to Make your Facebook Page more Effective:


#1 – Include a Clear Call to Action

Notice on Red Bull’s Facebook Page welcome tab, the call to action is fairly (slap in the face!) obvious. They want you to take 1 action – click the LIKE button.

It’s a very clear, concise strategy. Every non-fan will see this image on page-load. The idea being that if new visitors are here, giving them one clear choice is highly desirable.

The benefit of following the Red-Bull strategy?

Potentially a much higher visitor to fan conversion rate. More exposure. More chances to reach new fans through your existing ones.

First, get your potential fans to LIKE your page, then engage with them as soon as they do.

#2 – Use Multi-Media to Highlight your ‘Human Side’

Use lots of photos on your Facebook PagePhotos and videos add to the experience for people visiting your Facebook Page. So, much can be gained from creating a human element within your company’s marketing strategy.

People like businesses that are transparent with their policies, staff, practices and environment.

A great way to engage users is to give them insight into the development and day-to-day operations of your business by posting albums from events and shooting short videos to add to your social media profiles.

#3 -Be Creative

If your business relies exclusively on sales ‘in-store’, Facebook Pages might not strike you as necessary to your marketing strategy. But it is!

One company that uses Facebook Page strategy to drive in-store traffic is the Uno Chicago Grill.

Uno Chicago Grill Facbeook fan page marketingTheir Facebook Page tabs are clearly dedicated to specific areas of the business. The most important areas are highlighted and new users are given a great snapshot of the services they provide right up front.

But the best thing about UCG is that they pro-actively encourage fans to participate in dialog with their business. For example, the “Fan of the Week” promotion puts an image of a fan as the Page’s main profile image for seven days. It’s a simple approach, but it definitely encourages a lot of discussion between fans of the business, as reflected by their comments section. All good things for a local business.

Bonus tip from Uno Chicago Grill: Get your fans to post images of themselves at your location. This will drive foot traffic and make your business more recognizable.

#4 – Incorporate Website Functions on your Facebook Page

It’s often thought that your Facebook Page exists only to drive traffic to your website. Untrue. When Facebook Pages were first launched it was a difficult task for visitors to complete any real actions. Invariably, they had to leave Facebook and perform actions on a company website.

facebook live scribe fan page marketing

Now, however, there are quite a few ways to incorporate website functions right onto your Fan Page. Why? Giving someone the chance to buy products right from you Fan Page, for example, is a huge time saver for your Fans (and potential revenue boon for you!).

Looking at the Facebook Page of LiveScribe, you’ll notice that they’ve incorporated two very key functions. Firstly, they’ve included E-commerce in their page, allowing users to purchase products right from the product page.

Secondly, there’s a live customer support function. This allows fans to submit comments, share ideas and give feedback on products and services. Effectively this allows LiveScribe to create a support network within their Facebook Fan Page.

Tip #5 – The Fun Factor

Never forget that Internet users are constantly looking for ways to increase their online enjoyment. When developing your Fan Page, consider trying to make it as interactive as possible by providing games or other things for your fans to do on your page.

Toy Story 3 provides a great example of offering fans some entertainment along with the brand:

toy story facebook fan page marketing

The Toy Story 3 Fan Page allows fans to turn themselves into animated toys which can then be posted and spread (potentially virally) to the fan’s Facebook contacts. This is a great way to keep users on the site long enough so that they may go on to purchase tickets to the show (also available right on the Facebook Page).

There’s a lot of great content on Facebook. Use the 5 Ways to Make Your Facebook Page More Effective, above, to draw your customers in, engage them with interesting things to do and encourage them to take action (whether that’s visiting your website, watching a video or even purchasing a product).

Look for the companion post – 5 MORE Ways to Make Your Facebook Page More Effective coming to Sprout Social: Insights next week!

What do you say?

Know any other ways to make your Facebook Page more effective? Have you tried any of the methods, above? Let us know by leaving a comment below and you could be featured on Fan Friday.