Facebook has already tested and implemented various ways for members to discover new Pages, so it shouldn’t come as much of a surprise that the social network is bringing the same functionality to Groups. According to Inside Facebook, the company is testing a new module on groups’ mobile timelines called Suggested Groups.

As the name implies, these modules prompt individuals to join groups that their friends already belong to — making it very similar to previous Suggested Pages tests. The modules include links to three groups, along with plus signs that enable people to join with just one click. It also displays how many of the viewers’ friends are members of each group.

The sidebar for Groups on desktop is pretty straightforward and includes prompts to join other groups that their friends have joined. Timeline also has a section where people can see which public groups a friend has joined. So businesses, if you have Facebook Groups for your customers, you’ll want to make sure they’re not invite-only, otherwise members won’t be able to join.

Facebook is slowly making Groups a more valuable feature for its members. For example, earlier this year the social network rolled out a new section to Timeline that lets individuals highlight groups they’re a part of. Additionally, Facebook began testing a new option that linked professional skills on timeline to related groups.

Although it’s unclear if the previous tests had any impact on a Group’s engagement or memberships, extra awareness certainly can’t hurt. It’s also worth noting that many of Facebook’s ad products can promote Groups as well — so often Pages and links are shared, but Groups can benefit as well.

[Via: Inside Facebook, Image credit: Adrian Sampson]