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Complete Guide to Hashtag Analytics

Tracking social media activity is one of the biggest struggles companies have faced since the early stages of social media marketing. One study showed 39% of businesses don’t measure their social media ROI due to…

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#SproutChat Recap: Networking for Social Media & Community Professionals

For social media and community managers, prioritizing networking and attending events and meetups is key for career advancement. Connections often lead to valuable collaboration opportunities or bigger, better roles. This week, the #SproutChat community offered their advice for making meaningful…

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How to Manage Multiple Instagram Accounts

As one of the fastest growing social networks in the world, everyone wants a piece of Instagram. From a brand’s perspective, it’s critical to use Instagram to engage, monitor and track users who interact with…

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Why Launching an Advocacy Program Drives Value

Advocacy is becoming a priority at organizations of all sizes. Whether it be for in-house employees, a curated group of loyalists or an army of ambassadors, brands are becoming acutely aware that tapping into social media communities…

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Facebook Contest Ideas for Your Business

A new year gives rise to fresh opportunities to engage customers. When done right, a social media contest can be a great vehicle for driving engagement and rewarding brand loyalty. It’s also an easy way…

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7 Need-To-Know Social Media Terms for 2016

You’ve heard it a million times, but it’s true–the social media world is constantly evolving. What was popular just a few years ago could now be viewed as out of date or old fashioned in…

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10 Highly Effective Content Marketing Tips

As a marketing strategist, you might feel like you’ve tried every tactic–including content marketing. While there are several content marketing tips out there, it can be challenging to know what advice to follow, especially if you…

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#SproutChat Recap: Social Media in 2016

It’s a new year! While you’ve likely started making personal and professional changes per your resolutions, social media changes all the time. At Sprout Social, we took notice of all the little tweaks we saw in 2015 and…

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Should Your Brand Be on These Popular Asian Social Channels?

With a population of 4.3 billion, Asia represents a booming audience that enterprise brands are continually trying to engage. Out of the latest 100 million users to join Instagram, more than half resided in Asia or Europe,…

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4 Steps for Creating a Social Media Calendar

If you’re not taking the time to plan your social media calendar in advance, you could find yourself scrambling to find something to share. This is a big problem because sharing quality content across your social channels is…


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