It’s long been possible to ban unruly or embarrassing commenters on your business Facebook Page, but Facebook recently added in the option to reverse that decision.

It’s a helpful feature should a Facebook fan turn a new leaf, or if you resolve an issue behind the scenes and feel comfortable letting them post public messages on your Page again.

Here’s how to do it — just remember that some people won’t recognize what a gift a second chance is!

1. Bring Up a List of People Who’ve Liked Your Page




This feature is pretty well buried in the interface you use to customize your Page, so here’s how to find it. First, make sure you’re logged in as your Facebook Page, then navigate to the Page itself.

Look on the left and you’ll see a number representing the number of people who’ve clicked “Like” on your Page. Beneath the number is a link that says “people like this.” Click it and a window will pop up similar to the one you use to look at your list of friends on your own, personal Facebook profile.

2. Sort Through the Banned Users to Unban Them




Your next step: Click the drop-down box in the top-left of this new window (by default it says “People”) and select “Banned” from the options. This will display a list of all the users who are currently banned from interacting with your Page. From here you can unban any of those people with a click.

Just make sure you’re making the right choice! Users who excessively promote unruly and inappropriate content can reflect badly on your business. That said, we wouldn’t advise banning people to begin with unless they are hindering the experience of your other customers in an extreme way.

Got any questions or anecdotes? Let us know in the comments.

[Via All Facebook]