Google+ Pages have been available for nearly a month, but brands are still running into some limitations on the social network. Google addressed some concerns in Wednesday’s live Q&A session.

Currently Google+ Pages are associated with one admin account, which can be very frustrating for brands with multiple team members updating the company’s social profiles. The only solution was for a team to share one login or one person to manage the account.

The temporary solution opens a company up to security and workflow issues. Especially if the account is tied to a personal profile of an employee. At this time, you’re still unable to transfer ownership capabilities to another person – which is challenging should that employee decide to leave the company.

In the Q&A, Google marketing strategist Kristoffer Sorensen revealed that Google+ is working hard to offer multi-admin and transfer capabilities for “the end of the year.”

Sorensen also addressed other popular feature requests, such as Hangouts on Air, which are still in a trial period and limited to specific partners. Currently Google+ Pages are limited to hosting Hangouts with 10 people – a rather low number for companies with hundreds or thousands of fans. Additionally the Google+ team noted that analytics and mobile page management tools are also in the works.

It seems like Google+ could have been better prepared for companies to come aboard, but it’s good to see that Google is aware of brands’ needs and open to discussions about them. You can read through the comments of the live Q&A on the Google+ Your Business Page to see what else was discussed.

[Via: Mashable, Image credit: TopRank Blog]