It’s Facebook Friday — each week we’ll offer one tip for leveraging Facebook to increase customer awareness of and engagement with your brand or business.

Facebook has proven itself a great tool for community engagement and interaction, but many companies are still concerned about making sure that their audiences see as much key information as possible. The huge population of individuals and brands on the network, especially when coupled with the uncertainty involved in Facebook’s EdgeRank algorithm, mean that not every update will be seen by every fan of a business. The best way to make sure that followers see all of your information is to get them to click directly through to your Page.

How can you persuade people to visit and spend that quality time on your profile? Facebook encourages more casual hopping between Pages, so you’ll need to take some steps to stand out from the field and hold readers’ attention for a longer time. Here are some ideas to help you attract fans directly to your company’s Page and keep them there.

Learn From the Newspapers

People who want to be up to date on current events know how to get their headlines. They keep their favorite feed reader open at all times, or frequently refresh the home pages of major newswires throughout the day.

You can learn from this approach. Even if your updates aren’t on the same urgency level as breaking news, you can cultivate the same sort of interest in your updates. One business that has excelled at this is Skittles. The candy brand’s Facebook presence focuses on fan photos and ridiculously silly status updates. Both of those generate a strong, positive response from followers, who regularly check the brand’s Page to see its latest fun post.

Another element of getting fans to visit your Page is to keep up a regular volume of posts. If you update your brand’s Page three times a day, your audience will be accustomed to seeing that many posts from you. When they go a longer time without seeing your content, especially if your business is at the forefront of their minds, they will actively seek out your Page to be sure they haven’t missed anything important.

Offer Entertainment

Games or contests are a great way to get fans more involved with your material. They can serve a double purpose of entertaining your audience while getting them more excited about your brand. If you launch a game or contest that is designed to educate fans about your company in a fun way, they’ll have a better opinion of your brand.

Depending on your business, entertaining your audience doesn’t have to take the form of a game. Offer a proprietary app on Facebook that will appeal to your top demographic, then promote it regularly in your status posts. People will need to visit your Page in order to access the app; they might be more likely to stick around and browse if you have lots of other fun material easily visible for them. Red Bull is a great example of how to get fans involved with this approach. The brand’s Page has an arcade section on its profile that has several games to engage fans.

Be a Tease

Another way to lead your audience toward your Page is to post teasers to other material. For example, when you upload multiple photos to an album, that appears in the news feed as one large thumbnail image and three smaller thumbnails. If those lead images are striking enough for a person browsing through Facebook to want to click on the whole album, that brings them one step closer to your Page.

You aren’t limited to photos, either. Post links to other Facebook items of interest. If you’ve got a big event coming up, be sure to post about it in a status so that your audience will investigate. Think about your status updates as giving readers the first step down the rabbit hole. People are likely to navigate from page to page, and from an event to an album, and so on. The most obvious next place they’ll likely go is to your brand Page itself.

Demonstrate that your Page is a source of valuable content and your audience will take notice. Whether that value takes the form of great status updates, games, or eye-catching photos, don’t be afraid to jockey against other profiles to prove your worth to your fans.

Do you have a strategy for getting fans to interact on your Page? Let us know in the comments!

[Image credits: lilivanili, vonderauvisuals, Nic McPhee, Nadia Hatoum]