Earlier this year, Facebook launched threaded comments to help Page admins keep better track of the discussions happening around their content. With that in mind, the social network will now let you arrange those comments based on engagement or recent activity.

The ranking algorithm currently used puts the most relevant and high quality comments first. The system takes into account positive signals (Likes and comments), negative signals (minimal engagement), and connections. This resulted in personalized conversations around your content so fans might see comments from people they know first.

But while this is great for your visitors, community managers might prefer to see the latest activity first. Now you can choose to see the comments to your posts in the order they were posted. Displaying comments in chronological order might help whoever is managing your page catch important comments and/or replies that might have gone unnoticed otherwise.

Social media expert Mari Smith discovered the update and shared it with a post on her Facebook Page. Here’s the reply the social network provided:

“Replies are shown below the comments, so it’s clear who’s responding to which comment. The most active conversations are shown at the top, and comments marked as spam are moved to the bottom. To view the most recent conversations at the top, click Top Comments and select Recent Activity from the dropdown.”

As a reminder, if you haven’t yet enabled replies on your Page, go to Edit Page, Edit Settings, and then check the box for “allow replies to comments on my page” at the bottom of the list.

[Via: AllFacebook, Image credit: JD Hancock]