5 More Ways to Make your Facebook Page more EffectiveLast week we showed you 5 Ways to Make your Facebook Page More Effective.

This week, we continue where that post left off with 5 MORE Ways to Make Your Facebook Page More Effective.

#6 – Create Contests and Promotions

Across the Internet, contests are an increasingly popular way to drive awareness of your brand.

But don’t make the mistake of having a contest that’s too difficult to take part it.

coca cola facebook fan page marketing

For example, Coca-Cola has done a great job of integrating a very simple, yet fun contest into their Facebook Page.

Their Summer Snapshot contest asked simply for contestants to submit an image of themselves holding a can of Coke. Elegantly simple. If you’re hoping to institute a promotion, make it as accessible as possible by simplifying it to the core.

#7 – Use Nostalgia

We all have those childhood memories that come flooding back when we receive visual cues. Oreo is doing a fantastic job of capitalizing on this nostalgia in their Facebook Page.

oreo facebook fan page marketingTheir most recent “Back to School Memories” campaign had absolutely nothing to do with their products or services. Yet, in August, their Facebook Fan Base rocketed through 8 million users. Yes, 8 million. Imagine if every one of those fans went out and bought even 1 cookie…

Here’s the secret, ask fans to share something unique about themselves.  It’ll make their experience of your business much more friendly and hence give you fantastic “family-cred”.

Notice that we said “unique”, NOT “intimate”. There’s only so far people will go for your brand. Don’t scare them off!

#8 – Create Polls for your Fans

Ultimately, your Facebook Fan Page needs to deliver some information about your business to your customers. Otherwise, you’re missing out on a fantastic source of feedback on your products and services. AND potentially limiting positive discourse between customers.

jones can soda facebook fan page marketingJones Soda has done a great job of incorporating polls and questions on their Facebook Page.

The goal? To extract valuable snippets of information about their fans and customers. Every little bit helps…

#9 – Discussion is Desirable

A little birdie told us that the Twilight Saga is apparently “hot” right now.

And from their social media activity, you should be able to see why. Wherever possible, the folks behind the Twilight Facebook Page have gone to fantastic lengths to encourage discussion between fans of the franchise.

twilight saga facebook fan page marketingFor example, on their Facebook Page, the “Tweet Sweep” section encourages Fans to tweet about the films in order to receive complimentary tickets to screenings. The best strategy here is to give fans the content they require to tweet. Don’t leave it up to them.

Secondly, Twilight actively encourages fans to visit the Discussion Section of the Page. Giving people a forum is imperative if you have a product that encourages discussion.

Whether you drive the conversation or just piggy-back on some loyal fans, having them talking in one place (ie: your place) is always a good thing.

#10 – Use Facebook Stories

The Travel Channel has shown that employing Facebook Stories on a Fan Page is a fantastic way to get people with similar interests engaging in your Page.

travel channel facebook fan page marketingAgain, the idea is to create and encourage discourse between ans of your Page.

The Facebook Stories function can be added quite easily to any Page and will likely result in some encouraging submissions by fans.

What do you say?

Know any other ways to make your Facebook Page more effective? Have you tried any of the methods, above? Let us know by leaving a comment below and you could be featured on Fan Friday.