While LinkedIn provides you with access to thousands of groups, not much is known about them until you join. In an effort to give you more insight, the company is launching a Group Statistics dashboard.

LinkedIn Groups allow you to discover and join in discussions related to your professional field or interests. The new Group Statistics tool aims to help you better understand the group and will offer detailed information on demographics, growth, and activity.

In terms of demographics, LinkedIn will provide information about the seniority level, function/role, location, and industry of everyone within the group. This make it much easier to discover local groups or which groups are relevant to your industry.

The activity panel will focus on comments and discussions within the groups. You can easily see if members start and contribute to conversations regularly, as well as recent job and promotion counts for the group – promotions generally indicate that the group is being actively moderated.

Additionally LinkedIn will also notify you of the group’s growth over time. Groups that experience large growth spurts can even earn a “Sky-rocketing” badge.

The addition of a Group Statistic dashboard is great for a couple of reasons. If you run your own Group on LinkedIn, it will provide you with quantifiable data for progress reports. Additionally it will help to ensure that you’re utilizing your time wisely on the professional social network. There’s no point in joining a group if it’s not active or relevant to your industry.

[Image credit: Sharon Mollerus]