Value: Balancing Quantity and QualitySome time ago, we undertook an experiment.

On behalf of one client we produced as much content as possible. For the second client, we tested the effect of sharing content throughout social networks.

It soon became apparent that although large quantities of dynamic content are fantastic for search engines they can be social media suicide. Here’s why…

Value: The Art of Balancing Quantity and Quantity

How much quality content can one really produce? In the “real world” the best authors, the best directors, the best artists are not the ones who’ve churned out the most books, movies or paintings, they’re the ones who produce masterpieces.

We found out quickly in our experiment that there’s an inverse relationship between quantity and quality. In general, as the quantity of content output increases, quality suffers.

To use a film reference, it’s better to be Scorsese, putting out a great movie every two years than a director with commercial director who might shoot 25 scenes in an afternoon.

Value is What Keeps your Followers Following

Value is intangible, though much sought after and highly prized. Value represents all of the pieces that make a social media profile, page or persona worth following and interacting with.

The irony is that the more you try to prove how much value you have by increasing your output to the world, the less value you actually have.

If you’re over producing content that is under quality, you’re not adding any real value to your followers at all.

The most important observation we found with our content blitz that as we spread more of our own messages, with the quality decreasing, we were driving away loyal fans who at the outset had been eagerly sharing our material.

Don’t fall into the trap of thinking if it exists it must be shared.

Think instead: If it’s valuable, it will be shared.

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