In August, Twitter introduced two new tabs – Activity and @username – which would help users more easily discover what’s happening on the social network. It appears that today the company has begun its initial rollout.

The @username tab will replace the @mentions and retweets streams on Instead, those streams will be combined with stories about new followers, people favoriting your tweets, and more.

The Activity stream, in a sense, is like Facebook’s News Feed in that it shows you what your followers are doing on the microblogging site. The stream will show the follows, favorites, and retweets of the people you follow.

Twitter has just begun implementing the new streams, but mixed reviews are already being shared. The concern is that the features might not strengthen the community.

The microblogging site hopes the new tabs will encourage its users to interact more, moving from a broadcasting platform to a real social network. It’s still unclear how these changes will affect third-party apps, or when the new tabs will be available to everyone.

[Via: TechCrunch, Image credit: Pete Simon]