One of the most important things we do for our customers is help them make relationships with their social media audience. We do this by making sure the conversations are on the surface, prompting you at times and promoting responsible use.

We’ve added a new layer to that concept with our Suggested User features. Now it’s easy to browse through people who may be interesting to your business and engage with them.

Sprout Social will help you find Twitter users you should be following, and people who may be clogging up your timeline. The features come in 2 flavors;

Suggested Users:

  • Your new followers
  • People who have mentioned your business
  • People you’ve had conversations with
  • People who have checked-in to your physical locations

Account Cleanup:

  • Dormant Accounts
  • Accounts that may be spam, bots, etc.
  • Users who do not follow you back

Twitter’s suggested user tools are fantastic for finding those similar to your friends and with similar interests. Sprout Socials tools enhance that by making sure you’re also connecting with those who have expressed interest in you. In a busy day, that’s easy to overlook.

Keep in mind this is a new feature and we’ll probably have to work out a few kinks. If you notice something, please email support.

Enjoy your new toys!