It’s been two years since Sprout Social debuted its powerful social media management tool and platform, and it’s been an exciting ride so far. Since those first steps we’ve surpassed 10,000 customers and dozens of new tools to help our customers manager their social media channels more effectively. Today our social engagement platform helps our customers manage more than 30 million customer interactions per month.

We’re grateful to all of our customers for making Sprout Social a part of their day-to-day efforts to provide world-class customer experiences. Just a couple of months ago, Sprout Social was recognized by Info-Tech Research as the industry-leading product in its Social Media Management Landscape report.

We’re daily surprised and thrilled at the creative and effective ways our customers are using Sprout Social to strengthen their relationships with their own customers.

With regular feature updates, we’ve tried to provide the best toolbox in the marketplace for doing just that. Recent feature additions included team workflow management and collaboration tools, shared customer history records, and deep integration with two powerful customer service and helpdesk tools: Zendesk and UserVoice. That means social media managers and customer service representatives can work together in ways they never could before for better and faster resolution of customer issues.

A couple of weeks ago we also added the ability to send private messages to customers and fans through Facebook Pages, and Sprout Social recently became a Facebook Preferred Marketing Developer in the disciplines of Pages and Insights.

The past two years have been a whirlwind for our industry and everyone living and working in it. When we started down this path, people were still wondering whether Twitter was a fad, and debating whether businesses would adopt social media at all. In contrast, Sprout Social today manages social media relationships between its customers and more than 100 million consumers.

Even one year ago, businesses and brands appointed teams of just two or three people to manage their social channels, but we now power teams of dozens to hundreds of users and provide features to help those large teams work efficiently.

“While brands have largely focused on social media as a marketing channel, consumers are using it to communicate with the companies they do business with,” said Justyn Howard, CEO of Sprout Social. “A business can’t remain competitive without addressing this shift. We’ve obsessed over providing businesses with the best tools to manage those conversations and build more meaningful relationships with their customers.”

Thanks to all of you for using Sprout Social, for growing with us, and for caring for your customers enough to invest in our products. We’re proud of what we’ve built and we’re looking forward to a great deal more innovation in the next two years.

If you haven’t tried Sprout Social yet, we offer a free trial. Give it a spin and let us know what you think — we’re always looking for ways to make it even better.