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3 Twitter Hashtag Campaigns That Were Smashing, Unequivocal Successes

Hashtags have become an integral element of any company’s participation on Twitter. In fact, they’ve even started to appear offline on billboards and television commercials. They’ve been around long enough that most brands are learning how to avoid rookie mistakes and to incorporate them regularly into their tweets.

But how do you take a hashtag from a word or phrase trailing a pound sign to a social success story? These three campaigns were hits for generating conversation, engaging followers, and raising awareness. Here’s why they worked so well. [ Read More… ]

From Twitter to GetGlue, Social Media Chatter Is Saving Live TV

The traditional way to watch television used to be curling up on the couch, remote control in hand. Today, you’re more likely to swap out that remote for a laptop, a smartphone, or a tablet. The multitasking world doesn’t stop just because your favorite show is on!

Instead of bemoaning the change, television networks are actually encouraging people to use those devices to get even more involved in their shows while they watch. The additional content networks push to supplement on-air programming is called “the second screen.” Social media is playing a big part in getting the word out about second screen materials, as well as helping to promote live shows.

Twitter is pivoting to increase its focus on television with acquisitions and partnerships, while new platforms are popping up focused entirely on the social experience of viewing TV. These have seen widespread adoption by TV networks and advertisers, who have seen hard data that social chatter converts into ratings and revenue. [ Read More… ]

How Much Should You Pay a Community Manager?

What Should You Pay a Community Manager

As more companies adopt social media into their marketing portfolios, the need for dedicated social media employees is rising along. It’s no longer practical (or recommended) to outsource your social media brand building to an unpaid intern or a marketing rep with a bunch of other responsibilities.

As evidenced by a quick scan of any social media job board these days, the job title “community manager” is in high demand. And any job this hot usually attracts a lot of interest from people looking for a job in that field — along with those looking to hire them.

Has the increased exposure and demand for quality community managers increased the rate of pay that this position commands? Are there any industry benchmarks to gauge if you’re paying your current community manager enough to stay with your organization? How much can you expect to pay a community manager these days to make sure you’re attracting the most qualified candidates?
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