Last week Google introduced Google+ Pages, which offer brands the ability to manage a social media presence on the platform. Since then, brands have moved quickly, and, according to a report by the SEO firm BrightEdge, 61% of the top 100 brands have created Google+ Pages.

Similar to Facebook Pages – which 94% of the top 100 brands have – Google+ Pages allow you to share content and interact with customers through Circles and video Hangouts. While still its early stages, many brands are having mixed success on the social network.

Popular brands, such as Coke, McDonalds, and Verizon, only have dozens of fans on Google+, while each have millions of fans on Facebook. Surprisingly, over two dozen of the top 100 brands had zero fans at the time of the report. In fact, the brand with the largest following on the platform is Google, which boasts more than 65,000 fans.

After researching follower counts for all top 100 brands, BrightEdge found a collective total of almost 300 million Facebook fans compared to approximately 148,000 Google+ followers for the same brands.

It’s worth noting that of the 61% of brands that created Google+ Pages, only 12% have displayed a link to them on their websites. Comparatively, 53% have added a link to their Facebook Pages on their websites.

The lack of promotion could be responsible for the low follower counts; however, Google+ is still a relatively new platform. It might take some education for your customers to adopt it. Take time to not only promote your Google+ Page, but to explain to your community what they can expect from it and what the benefits are.

[Via: BrightEdge, Image credit: Kevin Jaako]