who sees my tweets

Today, we offer a simple fix to a problem you might not even know you had.

If you are not aware of this little known ‘feature’ of Twitter, your tweets may not be getting seen by all of your followers. Read on for the solution.

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How to Make Sure Everyone Sees your Tweets

Do you send ‘@ replies’ to people on Twitter? Sure, we all do (or at least we all should!).
An @ reply, not to be confused with a DM (Direct Message) is simply a tweet that’s being addressed to a specific user on Twitter. These tweets are normally seen by your followers and they also show up in the ‘Mentions’ tab of your recipient. But did you know that if you begin your tweet with an @reply then it is probably not being seen by all of your followers?

Why Not?

Twitter assumes that if you begin your tweet with an @ reply then it is only of interest to you and the select group of your followers who also happen to be following the person you are addressing your message to.

While that may indeed be the case, it limits potential interaction between your followers who might NOT be following that individual but who might genuinely be interested in the conversation you are having with them.

Remember, this is not a private, direct message we’re talking about here. This is a public tweet from you to another person on Twitter. Since Twitter is all about establishing meaningful connections, it only stands to reason that your conversations with others may be interesting to any number (perhaps all!) of the people following you.

But for whatever reason, Twitter doesn’t see it that way. So, when you start a tweet with an @ reply, the only people who will see this tweet are (A) the person you’re sending the tweet to the first place (B) only your followers who also happen to be following the person you mention in your @ reply.

For example:
How to Make Sure Everyone Sees Your Tweets

In the tweet, above, because I began my tweet with @Sprout_Insights only the followers of @donpower who also follow @Sprout_Insights will see this tweet.


How to Fix it so Everyone Sees your Tweets

Luckily for you there’s an easy fix to make sure everyone sees your tweets. Simply put a character before the @ reply and suddenly Twitter thinks you want the whole world to see this tweet. Experience has proven that using a ‘.’ before the @ reply is about as unobtrusive as it gets (and only uses 1 extra character from the 140 allotment).

For example:
How to Make Sure Everyone Sees Your Tweets

Because I included a ‘.’ before the @ reply, now my tweet will be seen by ALL of my followers, not just those who also follow @Sprout_Insights.

Problem solved.

An Alternative Solution

The fix, above, is elegant but it still takes up 1 potentially valuable character. You can obtain the same goal, not losing any extra characters and still having your tweet readable by all of your followers by simply rearranging your tweet so that the @ reply is not at the very beginning:

How to Make Sure Everyone Sees Your Tweets

So, what do you think? Useful tip? Still not sure what this is all about? Or glad to know there’s a way to make your tweets seen by the widest audience possible? Either way, why don’t you let us know by leaving a comment below.