Social sharing site StumbleUpon changed its look today, including its logo, color scheme, and new interface. It has also added new channels that are intended to help visitors more easily find shared stories, pages, and media they’d be interested in.

StumbleUpon is a notable source of traffic for many blogs, and an important tool for marketers who have would-be viral content to share. The team that runs the site has been testing new ideas with StumbleUpon visitors, and this re-launch reflects those visitors’ feedback.

The site offers a sharing button which can be placed on any blog post or other piece of content like Facebook’s Like button or Twitter’s Tweet button. When you click the StumbleUpon button, it shares the content with your friends, and the content bubbles up to one of StumbleUpon’s public category pages if it’s shared by enough people.

250 special category pages for notable brands (like CNN) launched today, and they’re accompanied by a new “Explore” feature that allows visitors to search for very specific content like the name of a city or a video game. Previously, StumbleUpon only had generic category pages for a number of pre-defined subjects.

We have a guide that shows how to get started on StumbleUpon if you haven’t tried it yet. It’s worth the effort, especially if your business or brand has a blog, special deals worth sharing, or a YouTube channel.

[Via: MediaPost, Image credit: Scott Beale]