Fan FridayIt’s Fan Friday at Sprout Social: Insights.


Each Friday, we’ll highlight some of the folks who’ve commented on our posts — letting everyone know that, hey, we’re their fan too!

The Sprout Social Insights Wall of Fame

A short while back, we launched The Sprout Social Insights Wall of Fame.

Current inductees include Aaron Lee and Gail Gardner.

This week, we are proud to introduce our third inductee to the Sprout Social Wall of Fame — Joke and Biagio!

About Joke and Biagio

Fan Friday Wall of Fame: Joke and BiagioJoke and Biagio are a husband and wife production team out of Hollywood, California.

Their focus is to provide a “bunch of helpful info” on how to break into showbiz — and one of their preferred methods to convey this info is via social media.

So, why did we choose Joke & Biagio for the Wall of Fame?

Well, in their quest to find reliable information about Social Media, (for the above mentioned goal of dispersing info to their target audience), they stumbled upon Sprout Social: Insights.

And as they searched our blog for reliable social media information, apparently they liked what they saw, as evidenced by this comment:

Joke and Biagio love Sprout Social Insights

In fact, they appeared to like us so much that they left comments on no less than 20 different posts!

These comments weren’t simply the “Hey guys, great post” variety. They were all insightful comments, which not only proved that J&B had read all the posts but that they were adding value to the discussion as well.

And for that dedication and mutual adulation, we welcome Joke & Biagio to the Sprout Social: Insights Wall of Fame family.

Feel free to congratulate Joke and Biagio via Twitter, (@jokeandbiagio), or via their website, (

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