Your Social Media Questions AnsweredRecently, I thought it would be a neat experiment to answer some impromptu, unrehearsed social media questions from my Twitter followers.

The experiment was a roaring success.

Thinking these questions (and answers) might be instructive to other folks just getting their feet wet with social media for business, I’ve listed the best questions below.

Feel free to add your own questions, or provide your best answers in the comments below.

Q: Why Do Businesses Need Social Media?

Via Tambellini_Girl

Your Social Media Questions Answered v1.0

A: My 40,000 foot answer is: humans crave sociability.

The social media revolution that we now find ourselves in the middle of is a very good example of the ‘chicken or the egg’ phenomenon. In other words, are people more sociable because of social media or did the innate need for sociability drive the web away from broadcast and more toward conversation and human contact?

In my opinion, the latter is true. We have an innate need to be social and since the technical tools now make this very easy the savviest businesses who jump on board this trend stand to reap the most rewards.

Q: Should a company of independent brokers have centralized social media?

Via @adamhawryluk

Your Social Media Questions Answered v1.0

A: If the brokers are independent, then their social media interaction should be independent too.

Admittedly, it’s still early days for businesses embracing social media. So it’s natural for there to be some trepidation when they consider personal Twitter accounts tweeting on their behalf.

The phenomenon of human sociability I mention in Question 1 is a mammoth force to be reckoned with. But no matter how hard you try to control it, consumers and customers are people first. They are going to migrate where they can connect with other people – the people behind your brand.

As consumers we’ve been collectively exposed to broadcast advertising for over a hundred years but as the song said, the times they are a changin’. People are more interested in people. The good news is they will actively and loyally follow your brand as long as they know that there are real people, with real opinions and emotions standing and tweeting behind it.

Q: Is it a good idea to support your fellow social media busness “friends”

Via @D_amian_

Your Social Media Questions Answered v1.0

A: Support your social media business friends but not necessarily your competition.

I like to use my social media expertise for competitive intelligence and to beat my competition at social media marketing before they can even get out of the gate.

Treat your competition fairly but never hand them your sword.

What do you say?

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