Foursquare introduced a new version of its iOS app today, complete with a whole new look for iOS 7 and new location-based features. The most notable addition being the ‘smart’ push recommendations that were announced back in August.

Moving forward, members will receive push notifications on their mobile lock screens with a tip or recommendation based on their current location, check-in history, and friends activity on Foursquare.

The idea is that this will offer consumers information when they need it most. The best part is that there’s no need for people to launch Foursquare, search for a cafe, or check in to tell the service where they are. However, if someone does check in, Foursquare will provide additional advice, such as the best dish on the menu.

For businesses, this solidifies the importance of listing your venue on Foursquare. If you’re not present, customers can’t leave tips and recommendations. Second, it could be a great way to appeal to new customers who rely on the service for finding new local businesses. This could be a huge opportunity for both businesses and Foursquare to boost engagement.

Today’s update also brings a new look to the home screen. Previously occupied by the check-in feed, map, and trending events, the new screen is now solely used for check-ins which have been split into “Worldwide” and “Nearby.” Tugging down on the feed will show a small space for tips and trending locations, as well as a shortcut for viewing a map of nearby friends.

Other visual tweaks were made to the sidebar as well as the pop-up screen that displays when an individual checks in to a location. The redesign has created a much lighter, much more social experience for members. You can download the updated app from Apple’s App Store and see these changes in action today.

[Via: The Next Web, Image credit: Thirteen of Clubs]