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Don’t Make an App: Use Social Media and a Responsive Website Instead

Mobile apps are generating big buzz among businesses these days. Some companies believe that in order to be competitive in the mobile marketplace, you need to have an app available for your customers. Like so many trends in social media, however, it’s not necessarily the best course for all brands.

That’s not to say mobile isn’t worth your investment; quite the contrary. In fact, an industry study found that daily time spent in mobile apps increased 35 percent in the past year. Plus, mobile devices are a growing source of traffic for Facebook Pages, and there are lots of good reasons for casual users to use those devices for Twitter. So mobile is definitely an important place to be, but building a custom app is not your only option. [ Read More... ]

Twitter Success Story: Stacey Ferreira Lands a Million Dollar Tweet

Twitter Success Story - Stacey FerreiraIt’s Twitter Tip Tuesday — every Tuesday we’ll focus on one Twitter Tip and show you how to integrate it into your social media strategy.

In previous editions of Twitter Tip Tuesday, we’ve focused on specific Twitter Success Stories from companies like Planning Pod and Foiled Cupcakes, and individuals like Scott Lazerson and Jonathan Barrick. This week, we continue with the theme of how an individual’s successful Twitter strategies can affect the success of his or her business. Let’s take a look at budding entrepreneur Stacey Ferreira, and how she leveraged a specific tweet to land almost a million dollar investment in her startup business. [ Read More... ]

6 Professional Tumblr Themes for Housing Your Online Presence


With 90 million blogs and 41 billion posts so far, Tumblr has positioned itself as an extremely popular micro-blogging platform. While the site has come under scrutiny in the past for reliability, Tumblr continues to impress us with its flexibility and ease of use. The simplicity and customization options have made it a clear choice for professionals looking to expand their online presence.

Thanks to a flexible API, designers and developers have been able to do some amazing things with Tumblr and have released high quality themes to get you up and running quickly. Here are just a few excellent choices if you are looking to house your online presence with Tumblr. [ Read More... ]

How to Unfollow Silent and Dead Twitter Accounts With Sprout Social

The articles here at Sprout Insights are written to keep you informed about ways to improve your social media presence. But beyond this publication, Sprout Social has tools that help you track and control that presence.

Twitter’s fast pace and constant updating mean that you’ll want to spend some time curating the list of people you follow. You’ll want to make sure that your accounts, whether personal or for business, are only following accounts that are worth keeping track of.

One easy way to make sure that your following list isn’t padded with silent, dead, or irrelevant accounts is to cull those profiles with Sprout Social. Here’s a rundown of how the feature works, and some suggestions for how to decide when a Twitter handle isn’t worth following. [ Read More... ]

Spotlight on Startups: Venture Connects Links Entrepreneurs to Capital

Spotlight On Startups - Venture ConnectsAt Sprout Insights, we comb the web to bring you the most up-to-date and actionable resources on how to use social media to grow your business.

To that end, we’re pleased to present the Sprout Insights series Spotlight on Startups. We’ll find the most innovative, useful startup companies out there, get the inside track on what they’re doing, and tell you how you can leverage their products and services for your own business.

This week we’re pleased to cast the spotlight on Venture Connects — a national platform for entrepreneurs, investors, and service providers to meet, partner, and grow their businesses. Venture Connects is based in Chicago, IL. and serves clients all over the U.S. [ Read More... ]

How to Pick Pinterest Content That Will Spread Virally

With new updates for business accounts and the recent addition of pin viewing in Twitter, Pinterest is still a social network on the grow. It’s also a network that has tons of options for your marketing strategy, with companies from Whole Foods to CNET making waves for their smart, creative approaches.

No matter what path you decide to take on Pinterest, one of the keys to crafting a great presence on the network is understanding the type of visual material that people will enjoy, share, and spread. These tips will help you pick the best material and present it online with the best chance for success.
[ Read More... ]

How to Encourage Fans to Visit Your Facebook Page Directly

It’s Facebook Friday — each week we’ll offer one tip for leveraging Facebook to increase customer awareness of and engagement with your brand or business.

Facebook has proven itself a great tool for community engagement and interaction, but many companies are still concerned about making sure that their audiences see as much key information as possible. The huge population of individuals and brands on the network, especially when coupled with the uncertainty involved in Facebook’s EdgeRank algorithm, mean that not every update will be seen by every fan of a business. The best way to make sure that followers see all of your information is to get them to click directly through to your Page.

How can you persuade people to visit and spend that quality time on your profile? Facebook encourages more casual hopping between Pages, so you’ll need to take some steps to stand out from the field and hold readers’ attention for a longer time. Here are some ideas to help you attract fans directly to your company’s Page and keep them there. [ Read More... ]

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