Almost a month after LinkedIn introduced multimedia content on profile pages it has added a similar functionality to the homepage.

You can now upload images, documents, presentations, and other file types to status updates created from the LinkedIn homepage. Rolling out to all members around the world over the next few weeks, this allows you to visually showcase your professional story and accomplishments with your network.

“Whether it’s a thought-provoking presentation about the future of big data or it’s a picture of an inspirational quote, or perhaps it’s an infographic showing the top trends impacting your industry, the possibilities are endless for what you can share on LinkedIn to add a richer and more visual component to your professional discussions,” stated Itamar Orgad on the company blog.

Much like on profile pages, uploading content is simple. All you have to do is click on the paperclip on the right side of the share box and start uploading the desired file. If you’d like to pair an attachment with a video or content hosted on another website, you can do so by pasting the URL into the share box.

LinkedIn also announced that it has added the ability to directly upload images and files to 2.9 million Company Page admins as well. This means that you don’t have to log into your personal LinkedIn account to share documents and presentations with your community. Instead of fragmenting your audience, businesses with large followings on LinkedIn can engage directly through their company pages.

As we noted, this functionality will be gradually rolling out over the next few weeks, so you might not see the paperclip right away.

[Image credit: Mambembe]