It’s hard to believe that there are still features LinkedIn hasn’t revamped this year, but the list will be that much smaller following the company’s latest update. This week LinkedIn introduced a new, simplified look for Who’s Viewed Your Profile — the section of its site that gives you a comprehensive list of the people who have recently visited your profile.

Who’s Viewed Your Profile is more than just a glimpse at who’s checking you out. According to LinkedIn, this feature can also give you insights on how often your profile has been viewed and what connections or groups you have in common with them. It could prove especially valuable for power networkers like community managers as well as sales and advertising professionals.

Premium members will have access to insights from the previous 90 days, helping you learn more about how professionals are finding you through search keywords and which industries or geographies those searches come from. Additionally, you’ll have the ability to filter search results by weeks, making it easier to identify key trends and changes that better enable you to align your professional brand with your goals.

Not much has changed for members with a free account — the layout is relatively the same with a mixture of known colleagues and contacts alongside those that fall outside of your network. A new trends section has been added to the right side of the screen that displays a line chart of how often people have viewed your profile. You’ll also see the metric for how many times you appeared in LinkedIn Search, as well as how that number has changed on a weekly basis.

LinkedIn has already started to roll out its new look to members around the world. The company also said that it plans to work on bringing more actionable data-rich insights to Who’s Viewed Your Profile in the future.

[Via: The Next Web, Image credit: r.f.m ll]