In an effort to provide social media and community managers with more control over their brand, LinkedIn is giving admins the ability to comment and like posts on their Company Page as if they were the brand itself.

According to The Next Web, a small dialog box will appear near the top of your Company Page letting you know the new functionality is active. Once enabled, all new likes and comments will now be displayed alongside the company name and logo.

We’ve reached out to LinkedIn for more details on whether this ability is rolling out gradually or if you can enable it through settings. It’s also unclear whether you’ll be able to comment and like posts on your Company Page from your personal account. We’ll update this article with more details if we hear back.

This functionality has been available on Facebook for sometime, allowing members to switch between the appropriate accounts they manage. A major difference between the two platforms is that the social network lets you easily switch back and forth between accounts and clearly displays which profile engagement will be sent from.

While any like or comment you submit outside of the Company Page will always be sent from your personal profile, there doesn’t appear to be an option to use your personal profile on the Company Page. According to the report, likes and comments from the company account are displayed automatically.

The execution of this feature might need some tweaking, but we think most admins will welcome the addition.

[Update: According to LinkedIn, this functionality is being rolled out and should be available “soon.” If you don’t already, you’ll see a notification at the top of your Company Page when it’s available.]

[Via: The Next Web, Image credit: Anna]