Once a mobile-only service, Instagram continued expanding its web presence with the introduction of email notifications.

Prior to being acquired by Facebook, Instagram lacked a web portal and rarely sent members emails for any reason. That changed when the service introduced web profiles in November, and now the company hopes to boost engagement through email blasts.

It appears that Instagram is starting to send — at least some — members an email when their Instagram username is tagged in a photo, just like Facebook. Many services, including Twitter and Pinterest, rely on emails to drive engagement.

It could be argued that email notifications are redundant as the app already notifies you of mentions through push notifications. But for those cutting back on mobile alerts, this could become a handy feature.

At this time, neither Facebook nor Instagram have commented on the roll out. It’s not clear when the feature will be live for all members. We’ll keep you updated as more information is released.

[Via: The Verge, Image credit: Esparta Palma]