GrubHub is known for its ease and reliability in online ordering of restaurant food for delivery. Now they have introduced a new feature: ordering food for pickup.

This new feature for the site will help it gain even more popularity and importance. With their user reviews and dedicated customer service staff, the site is already growing quickly and currently covers 13 cities and over 4,000 participating restaurants. They don’t charge the user for ordering or delivery and also offers coupons in some areas. And for customers on the go, their mobile app is particularly useful.

From a social media perspective, GrubHub offers not only its own user reviews, but links to Yelp reviews as well. Each establishment has a rating and the ability to log in using a Facebook account. A customer happy with the service can Like the GrubHub page for a restaurant and it will appear in their friends’ Facebook feed.

If you run a restaurant or food service, GrubHub is another site you should keep an eye on as a potential source for customers. Remember, the more you engage your customers online and through social media, the more exposure your company will get.