Professionals relying on Google’s web-based office suite are getting more support this week. The company announced that you can now create, edit, comment, and present without an internet connection using Google Slides — just like you can with Docs.

Google Slides, formerly Presentations, allows you to produce professional-looking presentations, similar to Microsoft’s PowerPoint. Now, any changes made while offline will automatically update once you reconnect.

If you notice a typo en route to your big meeting, you can change that right away without worrying about whether there’s going to be Wi-Fi. However, we should note that in order to work offline, you’ll need to be using Chrome — Google’s web browser — or Chrome OS.

Google first announced offline support for Docs last June. If you already have offline editing enabled for Docs, you won’t have to change anything for Slides. The search engine is working to make offline editing available for Google Sheets as well.

[Via: The Next Web, Image credit: nerissa's ring]