Google’s social recommendation tool, the +1 feature, is now available as a button that can be placed on sites across the web.

Before today, Google members could only recommend a search result using the +1 feature on Google’s search page. Now, they can recommend any website that has the +1 button on it. When they do, that recommendation will show up when one of their Google contacts searches for that subject.

Many sites are already working with the button including Mashable, The Huffington Post and YouTube.

Whether or not Google’s answer to Facebook’s Like button will succeed depends on how many people want yet another way to share. Facebook friends are built around people you want to share your life with, but your Google contacts may not be cultivated for the same reason.

Also, unlike the Like button, clicking on +1 button won’t immediately make your recommendation noticeable to your social circle. Only when the site or page you +1’d shows up in their Google search results will your recommendation be seen.

The +1 button is still being rolled out and may not be immediately available to you. If you would like to work with it now, you can opt in at Google’s Experiment page.

Google has provided a short video that explains the new tool that is embedded below. Instructions on adding the button on your site can be found on Google’s site.