If you pay close attention to your Facebook Page Insights, you’ll soon notice that something is missing. Facebook has confirmed that it’ll remove the “Friends of Fans” metric from Page Insights and the Insights API. While noteworthy, this might not be such a bad thing after all.

“In an effort to make our Insights products more simple and actionable, Facebook plans to deprecate the ‘Friends of Fans’ metric in Page Insights, which is listed on the Overview tab of Page Insights,” Facebook explained in a statement. The removal is scheduled for July 10th.

The metric, which shows you the estimated total potential audience when counting the friends of members who Like your Page, isn’t all that useful. You’d only be able to reach these people if all of your fans saw and interacted with a post, and then all of their friends saw that story in their News Feeds.

As Inside Facebook pointed out, that’s almost impossible with the way Facebook’s current News Feed algorithm works. Removing “Friends of Fans” could help you focus more on the metrics that do have an impact on your marketing performance, such as the total reach of your Page — which isn’t limited to only fans or friends of fans.

However, “Friends of Fans” still makes sense as an Ad metric, so you’ll still be able to access this number by using the Friends of Fans targeting option in the ad create tool and in the Ads API.

[Via: Inside Facebook, Image credit: ruurmo]