As you know, we love chatting with our users and gathering feedback — now I’m taking it a step further. An iPad further. We want to know how Sprout Social has helped your business. Give us the details and we’ll continue to build great stuff that’s even more helpful.

You can send us an email with your story, or even better — write a blog post! (just make sure to send us a link). We’ll pick a winner on October 30th and send him or her a shiny new iPad. You can reach us at Feel free to Tweet it out and we’ll share with other users as well! Thanks so much, we appreciate you all!

Terms and Conditions: Before our team stops coding and sharpens their pencils – Sprout Social employees are not eligible. Winner will be selected by our management staff based on detail, creativity and whatever else we come up with. Note: We may use all or part of your message in the future, we’ll likely email you first to see if it’s OK, but make sure you’re comfortable sharing.