Foursquare has updated its iPhone app with faster check-ins, easier access to local deals and removal of non-location based Shouts. This comes on the heels of yesterday’s announcement of reaching the 10 million registered user mark.

In update 3.2, the developers at Foursquare have moved the Check In button to the middle of the bottom bar and made it slightly larger than the surrounding buttons. When you click on it, the list of available check-in locations loads much faster than before.

The Explore button replaces the Places button and now opens a separate interface in the app showing recommended and trending local businesses. More importantly, local deals are shown here allowing you to factor that in to your choices when planning where to go next.

Finally, Foursquare removed the ability to update your status from anywhere. You now must be checked in to a location to update your status about your visit there.

Version 3.2 for the iPhone is currently available with these improvements with Android and Blackberry updates “coming soon.”