Google announced new functionality this week that allows its members to import their Foursquare check-ins into Google Places. Google will then match up the check-ins with Google Places locations and asks the member to rate and review each one.

The import, however, requires finding the RSS feed code on Foursquare’s site, then copy and pasting that into Google Places. Given that this process requires a bit of legwork for the member means a lot of everyday people will probably not take advantage of this.

On the flip side, Foursquare does not ask its users to rate and review the places they check in. Writing short tips, positive or negative is encouraged, but anything more detailed requires another app or service.

An RSS Feed is a standardized collection of frequently updated posts that can be exported for publishing elsewhere using a single line of unique code. For those savvy enough to use RSS feeds, Google also offers a feed of all Google Places reviews written by the member. That code can then be used to publish a live feed of their reviews in the sidebar of their personal blog. Foursquare offers the same service.

As the war of geolocation and review services heats up, it’s important to manage your company’s presence on them. Be sure to check out our Top 5 Geolocation Based Services to Help You Reach Customers guide.

[Source: Google Places blog.]