Consumers that check in to select locations with Foursquare and make a purchase with their American Express card will receive cash back discounts. This new promotion was recently tested at the SXSW conference in March and is now rolling out nationwide.

Foursquare users need to register their Foursquare profile with American Express, check in to a participating retailer and spend a minimum amount of money on their AmEx card to get the discount.

Retailers joining in the initial push include Sports Authority who is offering $20 back for purchases of $50 or more and H&M who is giving back $10 for buying at least $75 worth of goods. Select New York restaurants are also participating.

There is no coupon to cut nor do customers have to show their phone to the retailers. It is all done within the Foursquare app upon check-in after the user has registered with AmEx.

In the test run in March, AmEx card holders who participated in the deal spent 20% more than those who did not.

American Express is using the promotion to reach out to a younger demographic while Foursquare, which is making no money from the deal, is hoping to show it can offer value to big brands.

[Source: Foursquare, Image Credit: 05com]