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Only Half Way There – Sean McGinnis

Sean McGinnisThe first word this week goes to social media consultant and self professed ‘guru clan founder’ Sean McGinnis

Sean appreciated the ‘How’ part of our post How To Customize Your Twitter Profile URL but commented that this is only half of the Twitter strategy puzzle.

Deploying a strategy around when to change it
-that’s the other half!

Absolutely Sean. Figuring out why and when you should implement a Twitter strategy is just as important as figuring how.

If you’d like to discuss the where, when, what, why and how of social media strategy with Sean, catch up with him on Twitter, on his blog ‘312 Digital’, or reply to his comment.

Auto DMs are Evil – Jill Manty

Jill MantyJill Manty, ‘geek speak translator’ and owner of Manty Web Designs is an avid Twitter user who agrees with our Twitter Tip Tuesday advice to Follow, then Follow Up with new connections on Twitter.

But whatever you do, cautions Jill:

Avoid auto direct message responses to followers!

Jill quotes a recent study where 72% of respondents reacted unfavorably to auto direct messages (DMs) on Twitter – some even going so far as unfollowing users because they got an auto DM.

We agree Jill. Auto DMs are impersonal, tend to come off as spammy and undoubtedly do more harm than good.

Instead why not send an @ reply to Jill on Twitter, check out one of her blog posts or read her entire comment.

Twitter chats are cool – ZFX Photography

ZFX PhotographyZFX Photography, a photo studio out of Brisbane Australia saw the value in participating in Twitter chats like those mentioned in Twitter Tip Tuesday post Join a Twitter Chat

Twitter Chats are a great way to promote a brand or a business, says ZFX – and they can also be used to connect with a group of interesting, like minded Tweeters like the #Usguys for example:

I’m definitely in the loop with #UsGuys!

If you’d like to start a chat with ZFX Photography, catch up with them on Twitter or reply to their comment.

And the Last Word Goes To…

Dino Dogan

Dino DoganWriter, blogger and dog guy Dino Dogan took a higher ground perspective in response to our post Why Facebook Groups Are a Poor Choice for Small Business.

It helps if the community (on Facebook or otherwise) is organized around the same cause and has higher targets in mind, rather than simple profit.

Very well said Dino!

While most businesses are out to make a profit, they shouldn’t lose sight of the fact that social media allows them to treat their customers as connections rather than commodities. Those businesses that remember this will be the ones to thrive on social media.

Extend a virtual handshake to Dino on Twitter, at DIYBlogger.NET or read his entire comment.

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