Fan FridayIt’s Fan Friday at Sprout: Insights.

Each Friday, we’ll highlight some of the folks who’ve commented on our posts – letting everyone know that, hey – we’re their fan too!

Be Ruthless – Brett Owens

Brett Owens - @brettowensBrett Owens, founder of Chrometa, had this to say in response to our post: Tips for Effectively Managing Your Time:

What’s worked best for me is a ruthless prioritization of things that need to get done. Pick one, and crank away on it until it’s done…

It’s not all nose to the grindstone for Brett, though. He says that once his high priority tasks have been completed, he’s free to be as unproductive as he wants.

So, you can go back to watching dancing cats on YouTube just as soon as you check out Brett’s time management application Chrometa, send him a reply on Twitter, or read the rest of his comment here.

Use an Egg Timer – Line Brunett

Line Brunet - Horizons Life CoachingContinuing on the topic of time management, Line Brunet from Horizons Life Coaching provides a low tech solution to a high tech problem:

I encourage clients to put a simple egg timer next to their computer. Just set the timer and when it goes off, close down the social media and get back to work!

Good idea Line! And to help boil our eggs? Well, I guess there’s an app for that…

If you’d like to discuss this time management technique with Line, contact her at Horizons Life Coaching, get wise and give her a hoot on Twitter or let her know if her idea is cracked by replying to her comment here.

‘Kill’ Your Competition: Dr. J – Nanaimo Chiropractor

Nanaimo Chiropractor - Pure ChiropracticWe hope Dr. J, our top commentor here on the Sprout: Insights Blog will forgive us for using the word ‘Kill’ in reference to a comment he made on the post : Video Marketing on YouTube.

Dr. J, (a healer by profession!), actually used much gentler language to suggest users ‘switch off’ competitors’ related videos when embedding videos in their own site. We interpreted that as a way to ‘kill your competitor’s’ videos from showing up on your site.

But here’s Dr. J, in his own words:

If you’re embedding the video in your own website, be sure to switch off the ‘show related videos’ option. You don’t want to advertise your competition on your website!

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves, Dr. J (um… although we did try!). See a great example of embedded videos on Dr. J’s Nanaimo Chiropractor website, say “Hi” on Twitter or read his entire comment here.

And the Final Word Goes to…

Robert Bravery - @robertbraveryThe final word this week goes to Robert Bravery from Integral Web Solutions in South Africa.

Robert provides the following feedback on the Fan Friday Feature:

Don this is a Fantastic Idea!

What more can be said? 😉

Oh, yes…Robert’s next sentiment is a good one too:

This is an exciting twist way to engage with your audience and pay them back for good, valuable participation.

Thanks Robert – and thanks to all of our commentors! We couldn’t agree more.

Catch up with Robert Bravery on his blog, on Twitter or reply to his comment here.

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