While Twitter may have won the photo sharing war, research from Ooyala found that more videos are shared through Facebook than the microblogging site.

Ooyala – a video analytics firm – sampled data from July 1 through September 30, 2011. The data was taken from the company’s customer and partner database, which includes broadcasters, studios, online media, and consumer brand companies in over 30 different countries.

Facebook’s popularity varies depending on region. For example, there’s approximately a 1:1 ratio between Facebook and Twitter sharing in Japan. However, in Taiwan, sharing on Facebook is nearly 20 times more popular than on Twitter. In Italy, people are sharing videos on Facebook 17 times more than on Twitter.

Ooyala also found that tablet owners watched videos for nearly 30% more viewing time per play than those watching from a desktop computer. Those same people also watched twice as many videos. Of all the videos watched on a tablet, 97% were on iPads with just 3% viewed on Android devices.

If you’re creating videos, you should also be sharing them through your Facebook Page. Chances are that your followers will be more inclined to reshare your videos than to retweet them.

[Via: All Facebook, Image credit: The Blue Wig]