In an effort to help brands gain more fans, Facebook is testing a new module that recommends additional Pages after a member clicks the Like button on your Timeline.

The social network has recommended Pages in the past, but usually through sidebar modules. This marks the first time that suggestions have fallen on Pages themselves.

Now when someone clicks Like, a box of “More Pages You May Like” will appear below that Page’s cover photo. Recommendations will be from a category similar to your own. For example, if an individual Likes a local business, he or she will likely see suggestions of other nearby businesses.

Currently this feature appears to be limited to an unspecified group of Pages. We should also note that recommendations aren’t paid placements. Instead, Facebook bases suggestions on location, category, and other pages Liked by fans of that page.

Fans can hover over a suggested Page’s thumbnail to Like it right away, or click on it to be taken to that Page. Additionally, they can also click “See All” to be taken to the full Pages Discover browser.

On one hand, this feature gives a lot more exposure to Pages and could encourage members to engage with brands they’re interested in. On the other, not only could it distract fans, leading them away from your content, but it could be especially frustrating if it leads a fan to engage with a competitor.

[Via: Inside Facebook, Image credit: Andreas Ivarsson]