A new study that offers more insight about consumer behavior on Facebook found that it’s the preferred social platform for interacting with brands, beating other networks like Twitter and LinkedIn.

The study (performed by the marketing education service Constant Contact and market research and consulting service Chadwick Martin Bailey) analyzed the Facebook habits of 1,491 consumers 18 and older from across the U.S.

When asked what drove a consumer to Like a brand on Facebook, 58% of respondents were already customers of the company, 57% were watching for discounts and promotions, 41% wanted to show support and help spread awareness about the brand, and 31% wanted to be the first to receive information and exclusive content.

Many consumers are more likely to act after receiving a recommendation from a trusted source, like a friend or family member. Of those surveyed, 56% of consumers were more likely to recommend a brand to a friend after Liking its page on Facebook. Additionally 51% were more likely to purchase a product or service from the brand after becoming a fan.

When asked how many brands a consumer Liked on average, 33% said one or two, 25% answered three or four, 20% answered five through nine, and 22% answered 10 or more.

An interesting note about Facebook being the preferred platform is that it actually finished second to “none of these,” which was the choice of 59% of those that took the survey. Facebook was chosen by 34%, followed by online community forums (9%), Twitter (4%), blogs (4%), other (2%), LinkedIn (1%), and MySpace (1%).

While platforms like Twitter and LinkedIn are beneficial to other areas of your marketing strategy, it’s worth taking a closer look at your Facebook Page and how well you’re interacting with your community. Be careful not to overload your visitors with marketing messages and self-promotion. It’s necessary to share compelling content and encourage interaction.

[Via: All Facebook, Image credit: GOIABA]